Custom Software That Makes Testing Fast and Efficient

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What Is SleepTestCRM?

CRM is short for customer relationship management. It’s a smarter, faster, better way to manage your sleep medicine patients. In fact, it’s the fastest, most efficient sleep testing software in the industry. We have integrated a full suite of telemedicine features and automation for both you and your patients. Not only does it make the process smoother for a better patient experience with better efficiency in your office, but it also allows full visibility for both you and your patients. You can check up on a patient to see where they are in the process, and they can check their own progress any time they want. Plus, it’s 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Benefits of SleepTestCRM

  • Custom-built, HIPAA-compliant, web-based software platform
  • Easy access from a computer or tablet
  • Patient visibility and tracking from the dashboard
  • Streamlined protocols with automated workflows
  • Unlimited patient referrals for home sleep testing
  • Real-time patient status notifications
  • Pre & post-test telemedicine visits
  • Board-certified physicians provide diagnoses, letters of medical necessity and prescriptions
  • Immediate access to notes and documentation
  • Direct Q&A support with Customer Care Advocates
  • Patient Portal affords direct communication for patients

We’re the only online home sleep testing organization that uses

patients’ Medicare and/or PPO medical insurance to help cover their cost

Affordable Options | Savings with Commitment

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Monthly Subscription

$149 Per Month


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Annual Subscription

$1499 Annually

Save Annually

The pricing above is for 1 provider (user) at 1 location.

Ask us about promotional pricing offered to our vendor partner referrals for 1 provider (user) at 1 location.

Why Buy?

  • Unlimited home sleep tests
  • Custom-built web-based software platform
  • Built-in telemedicine patient consultations
  • Onboarding training – video and webinar
  • Patient education tools and handouts
  • Marketing tools – free social media content
  • Pre-diagnosed patients directed to your practice

Using SleepTestCRM

1. Log into your Dashboard from a computer or tablet

dentist looking down at his tablet

2. Screen & submit patients chairside

doctor looking at results on a tablet with a patient
Step 2 of the SleepTestCRM management tool

3. Capture insurance cards with a camera

Step 3 of the SleepTestCRM management tool
woman looking at tablet with doctor

4. Choose type of test and submit

woman looking at tablet with doctor
Step 4 of the SleepTestCRM system

5. Track patients from start to finish

Step 5 o the SleepTestCRM system
doctor speaking with patients